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Beach Life – Summer 2013 – #1

I’m lucky enough for there to be a beach house in the family trust that I get to visit frequently. The parents are there a lot, almost permanently in the summer months.

Ringsso this year, again, it’s to the beach house for a couple of weeks more or less.

Rings Beach – Coromandel – North Facing on the East Side of the peninsular.

The bach is about 50 meters from the sand, on the beach side of the road, down a small cut communal path. At the end of the path there is a picnic\bbq table and at one point there used to be a bathtub, might still be there.  You can spot the house in the picture there is a lone white car parked besides it. On the beach you might see a kayak and a RIB.

It’s a real community beach, everyone knows everyone, everyone is willing to help everyone and we tend to party as a community with the hosting being shared from house to house on an informal rotation basis. There is always a beer or Gin to be had somewhere.

Rings Beach named after Mr Frank Ring who in the early days owned a sheep farm and who was the son of Charles Ring of Coromandel fame. Gold was first discovered at Driving Creek in Coromandel Town in 1852 by the Ring brothers.

As well as me this year Rings Beach will also be probably home to a pair of  the New Zealand dotterel/tūturiwhatu  –  This endangered bird can be found on a number of beaches on the Coromandel. There are only about 450 New Zealand dotterel on the Coromandel and 1700 nationwide, these birds need all the help they can get. They nest on the sand, mostly above the high tide mark, but weather vagaries, and predators, as well as careless people are all threats to them. Their nest will be roped off, and hopefully they’ll hatch their eggs and then there will be 451 🙂

Rings 2Rings Beach is also home to the Gentleman’s Fishing Club and the Kontiki device.

And there is a web page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rings-Beach-Coromandel/172961526108932

I’m kind of hoping to write more about how I’m doing nothing all day, except the bbq for breakfast eggs and bacon, and the evening meal of fresh fish, or exotic meat. How the fishing is going, and how the book reading is coming along.

I’ll be trying to exercise, not get sidetracked into too much coffee shop and ice-cream and relax a little.

It is for me summer after all.


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