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I brought some today. A tad on the expensive side with 4 of them costing me $18.50. Yes that’s $4.75 each. Just the cupcake. That or they are really good value, since frankly cupcake pricing is something that would generally elude me, so my pricing comment made only in comparison to things I know cost under $5 and may not actually be a true reflection of the worth or value. I think.

They’re made locally, by the Delish Cupcake Company And they had a choice of about 8 flavors today. I walked out with Chocolate, Nutella, Lime and strawberry.

From the website

This is one of the purchased items, just the same as the ones on their website, except made today.

So far for a company that’s a couple of years old they’re still open, which in itself is something, given that it’s not the best of times, hey perhaps frippery and discretionary extends to cupcakes – it would seem so, and from the variety that they offer it seems that they are still being wonderfully creative.

The owner/creators both have full-time day jobs, and they spend evenings and weekends confecting their products.

The shop is clean, cozy, welcoming and just a little off the beaten track. I would imagine that the delivery business is flourishing.

I’ve worked alongside small business entrepreneurs and owners, but I can’t see how this venture could ever be anything other than a boutique operation, I don’t see how this particular craft and style can’t scale, unless you forego somethings like quality assurance. And their operation seems depend on them sub-letting ovens and prep-rooms, and that can’t be a long term strategy.

It took me a while to visit Delicious Cupcakes, and I’ve yet to eat the products. Will I revisit? well the proof will be in the pudding so to speak, but it would only be for very special occasions.

2 comments on “Cupcakes

  1. Colleen Holden
    January 10, 2012

    Hi, thanks for stopping by our store! Just wanted to let you know that when we started our business, we moonlighted as cupcakers, as you mentioned in your article, but we both now work in the business full time, and now have a great team of part timers.

    No need for us to dont sublet our premises to survive, our ovens are whirring away from the wee early hours as we bake our competitively priced cupcakes from scratch daily.
    You can read a little about our journey on our website, and follow our blog if you’d like to keep up to date with any cupcake news, or charity events we’re involved in.
    We hope you enjoyed your sweet treats!


    • pdubyah
      January 10, 2012

      Muy bad! I read the “about us” and saw that you had owned up to a number of things. I think the shop was great, clean, and the choice was a little too much for someone who’s not allowed to shop without mrspdubyah around :-), She has by the way has made dibbs for the chocolate one.

      Good luck, I will be back, I just have to make the right excuse.


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