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Beer – #3 in a series – The Cornish Wheat Beer

Today it’s Skinner’a Cornish Blonde. Skinners, a brewery in Truro, Cornwall. Of course I get mine from the wonderful peeps at The wine Circle in Huapai out in the wilds, one of the 156 beers they have available.

A Cornish Wheat Beer, unlike any other wheat beer I’ve ever had. I’m used to a more ‘lemony’ citrus taste from wheat beer, this was a bit tart and flat. The label indicates that it has a superb citrus finish, I’ve just started it so perhaps that comes nearer the end, because it seems to be missing in action in this bottle.

Had a quick shifty on the interwebtubes and discovered that this is “Suitable for Vegetarians Not Gluten Free” – and I have no idea what to make of that.

Comes complete with a comedy label and a promise to donate to a surfing organisation in the uk, it might appeal to the quirky types, but then again as a beer aimed at surfers I might be being a little precious about the gravitas of the label.

Slightly disappointed with the taste like I said, but it does have the lovely cloudy wheat beer look, even if it doesn’t have the taste to back it up.

7 arbitrary stars out of 10 arbitrary stars for this one.


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