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Beer – #11 in a series – Renaissance Man

Today it’s a bit of a dash with Renaissance Paradox Blonde

Renaissance, a Craft Brewery based in Marlborough, New Zealand. Brews include the Winner of Best Stout at the AIBA 2011. Loving creator of ales for the enlightened palate.

The Paradox Blonde. Well blow me down if this isn’t one chuffing good drop of beer. What have been doing dancing around it for so long? The label says, and I have to agree, that this is a Quaffing beer. And in a pint size and at the lower end of the alcohol level (4%) this would be a beer for the evening.

seriously a 9 arbitrary stars out of 10 arbitrary stars on the arbitrary pdubyahometer. Get some at all good places, I got mine at New World, and they have the whole range, this could be an adventure!


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