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Beer – #12 in a series – Old Peculier

From those fabulous people at Theakston- the Legend that is Old Peculier

The power of Old Peculier should never be under-estimated! A dark, strong beer Old Peculier is justifiably famous for its rich and complete character, its sheer strength – and for being a beer with a long history.

A pint sized of dark beer 5.6% beer that made me go cor!

Theakstons Brewery

Theakstons Brewery (Photo credit: Effervescing Elephant)

Googlevating it tells me: T&R Theakston is a British regional brewery located in the town of MashamNorth Yorkshire, England. They are the sixteenth largest brewer in the UK by market share, and the second largest brewer under family ownership after Shepherd Neame.


On the Pdubyah arbitrary star-o-meter this one is easily 5 from 5, but then I’d decided that before I opened it and welcomed an old and lost friend back into my life. You little beauty!


3 comments on “Beer – #12 in a series – Old Peculier

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