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It’s official! but Is there a reward or punishment for following or disobeying the Official decree?

I marvel at the use of the word “Official” or even it’s overuse.  Of course I could be being a curmudgeon on this, it happens, or hey , it’s official because I declared it to be so – my official position on this, as opposed to my unofficial position on this is….

Official also, to my mind, often has a connotation of power, which then has a connotation of reward or punishment for being unofficial.

But today it kicked off. and here I am having my official ranty moment.

Today ‘An official guideline that babies should be fed only breast milk for their first six months” I’m not even sure that the “official” of this means, or how it can be contexted. apparently it’s “official” by decree of the “Ministry of Health and Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills are standing by the official guidelines” – but then justifies it with “”What should authorities advise when what good science says is best for baby is not what most parents do?” he asked.”

I’m perplexed as to why it’s Official and who really cares about what’s “official” in this instance. Official to who? the bureaucrats? Is there’s a reward or punishment for following or disobeying the Official line. It might be best practice or recommendation. Hiding behind “Official” seems to indicate that there is contention. Person X says that the “official” position is “blah blah blah”

So I quickly looked up “Official” on a news site…

“The Official Weather Forecast” – I’d hate to think that there is a punishment to putting you hand out the window and having a good guess in the morning and disagreeing with the Offical

“The Herald on Sunday is the official newspaper of the Vodafone Warriors” – Hopefully there are enough pictures to keep them occupied

” has been no official announcement on Kaino’s future” –  Like he future is at the behest of some vague group or committee

“The Prime Minister doesn’t believe an official inquiry is needed into ” – or  an Authority to investigate

“Lee said he will file official misconduct charges and the matter will be referred to the city’s Ethics Commission” – or whinging in the media

“pressure had been on investors since the official cash rate began dropping ” – Again at the behest of some nebulous committee or group or what ?

” a national police official in Paris said. The official did not wish to be named in line with departmental ” Guess who and what I do?

“the official arts festival complementing the games” – Don’t you dare go to any other festival at all, or else!

“a lady in a tailored suit walking briskly towards me with an officiallooking ID badge bouncing from her lapel” – taken in by a shiny thing

“A former Corrections Department official has been jailed after earlier handing himself in for accepting bribes ” or Employee

“The mother of one of the two 26 year olds said that she had received official notification” – A letter from a faceless person

“Britain promptly pricked up its ears, seizing the islands in 1794, before taking official possession in 1810 ” – I guess the lawyers transferred the money and you signed the deeds of ownership or something ? This was a land grab and we called dibbs first.


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