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Jolly Hockey Sticks – the College edition

Rangitoto Hockey

Every year there is a pre-season Inter-College “tournament” at St. Cuthberts College in Remuera. It’s called the Anzac tournament and is by invitation only.

As part of promotion the College hosts the ANZAC Tournament, which is an invitational festival competition of teams from through out New Zealand.

Rangitoto College are the only public school to be invited to participate.

There is a traditional festival dinner held on the first evening of the two day event. Rangitoto College girls broke with tradition a few years a go and dressed “formally” in school uniform for the dinner, and in subsequent years this has become the norm.

This year however having changed school uniform through the year to some new fancy affair the 1st XI Hockey Girls won’t be able to wear a school blazer as the school “pool” of blazers is short the number they need.

Blazers are an optional item of school wear and they are not in common usage other than at formal events and occasion and the school rents them for use for events.

Daughter is besides herself. She feels that not being able to dress up for the festival dinner is a poor signal from the school in a couple of areas. Firstly she thinks that this is an indication of the “worth” of the Hockey team to the School.

The team is in the premier grade, and has won or been in Intercity and National Finals consistently for many years.

Secondly she feels that being able to dress up to represent the college carries with it more kudos and mana among what you could consider a list of élite private schools. She has pride in spades

So she wrote a letter to the head of sports, her coach, and a couple of other teachers in the school. All for the cause. Like I said to her “If you do nothing you get nothing”

I hope something comes of it, she thinks it’s important enough, I hope the school does too.

5th of April update

Having presented her letter to he Dean and her Tutor, as well as the HOD Sports blazers became available. She’s not taking any credit for it of course,  but I told her she should even if she doesn’t believe it 🙂 My activist daughter, who knew!


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