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Beer – #28 – Brasserie Du Mont Blanc La Blanche

Ok, So I was in Faro Fresh  on the North Shore, looking for some Camembert from the Over the moon dairy company, and coming away from the cheesery disappointed, and not wanting a Goat version, I mooched over to the beerorium, where I had spied that they had the Trois Monts that I enjoy, but hidden behind it was some  Brasserie Du Mont Blanc – La Blanche

Well now well now well now… who can resist something like this then, a magnificent label of the most fantastic blues and a medal winner too!

 “The brewery has a long history with the first beers being produced in 1850. Like all high quality beers the key to great characteristics is ingredients. At the centre of this is the water. In the case of Brasserie du Month-Blanc, the water is from alpine glaciers harvested at the source of the Enchapeuze at an altitude of 2074m. Along with purity enhanced from being sourced at a high altitude, a low mineral content makes it ideal for brewing.”

750ml of 4.7 % ABV a French attempt at a WitBeer (Belgium White) The Interwebtubes says this isn’t something to write home about. But there was little else to do on a Sunday afternoon so I had at it. The bottle is presented as a flip top, but has a cap, I guess you sip and seal? or it might be some weird EU rule for export. Who knows.

It’s very very fizzy, noisy fizzy, and very very pale, but no head! What’s with that ? It also smells yeasty, which reminds me of home brew. I now have  my fingers crossed (metaphorically).

And that’s odd. A montage of tastes in this, none of them making me lick my lips. There is no aroma to give anything away this is all on the tounge.

I lied the aroma is the yeast smell  that lingers, it’s odd.

It’s very thin on taste, and there are tastes in there fighting to get through, but like all things French not fighting hard enough,  My brow is furrowed on this one I have no idea what to make of it.

The pudubya-o-meter is barely moving on this, and this is going to be a minor setback in my run of good bears well enjoyed. Given the choice of the cheese or this I would have picked the cheese. Which by the by is most excellent Over the Moon Dairy Company.

I’m really struggling to get this to an arbitrary 2 from 5 arbitrary stars on this,  it’s not offensive and at the same time it is. A bronze medal in how to make a beer smell like homebrew perhaps, I’m going to sulk and wish I was as adventurous in Cheese as I am in beer.


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