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Beer – #54 – Golden Ticket Brewing – Black Emperor

Golden Ticket Brewing Black Emperor

How best to describe the Black Emperor? Black Pilsner? American Black Lager? Pseudo Schwarz? Whatever it is, its brewed with malt from New Zealand, Germany and England, hops from America and yeast from Germany. Dark, bitter and thirst quenching

A 330 Ml bottler of 4.1% ABV beer

In a little bit of  TMI this has the following; Malts: Pils, Munich, Carafa Special II, Black. Hops;Centienniel Yeast: Wyeast 2565.

A Black Pilsner. Heaven help us.

It’s dark, so that’s 1/1. This is no where near as hop laden as the Champion Malky, so that’s 2/2.

I managed a head on the pour 3/3.

I lied about the hops. They are there., hiding.

And as day is night this is a bit of special. Wow this is pleasant, unctuous, warm, velvet and altogether has it’s thing going on. I don’t know how that happens but it has.

Chocolate, Smokey, rich, oh testify!!!  This hits a lot of high notes. Impressed would be understated.

As bad as the Champion Malky is as this is good, very good, above average good. Credit where it’s due.

And don’t think I’m going soft. I like this, in and of itself.

Comparison to the Epic Fig and Chocolate, the Renaissance Craftsman is pointless, but this would give #8Wired iStout a real shove for 3rd, for me on the podium. It’s really that good.

The pdubyah-o-meter dings with excitement and easily gets to 8 from 10, faith is restored, the sun will rise, all is good in the hood.

If you buy a bottle of this and don’t enjoy it I’d wonder why. That is a nice beer, and I might have been hard on the ‘Champion Malky” but this is and should be considered a champion of it’s kind. Peace be upon me, and as much as the Champion Malky might have brought me to giving up beer this one has brought me near to tears of happiness.


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