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Beer – #55 – Ass Kisser – Vanilla Pale Ale

Ass Kisser Ales – Brewed at Hermitage Brewing Co. In the style of a Golden Ale/Blond Ale, and this is a visitor from further away than Hawke’s Bay being from Fort Worth, Texas USA

5.5% ABV in a 330ml bottle of goldeness, actually cloudy golden in the glass, bit of a head, so there’s a thing too.

I smell bread is what I smell. and the immediate taste is one of over carbonation. Nek Minit boom there is a subtle flavour of vanilla. That made me smile. And then frown as it was a fleeting as an Auckland sunny day.

The aroma isn’t unpleasant, but it really is having you on if you think that (a) it reflects the taste and (b) it reflects what the taste might be.

It’s competent beer, and the quirky nature of the vanilla blush is of intrigue. It’s a moment by moment beer though, I’m not sitting here enjoying any after taste effect, it did make me burp though. Well I burped, I was drinking this therefore…..

The pdubyah-o-meter would be 6 from 10 arbitrary things for an arbitrariness score. I didn’t actually think I was getting ice-cream in a glass, I did think I’d get something that I didn’t get for long. It’s an easy drink, it is over carbonated, it doesn’t carry a taste, but it’s not the worst beer I ever had by a long measure.

They make a Smoked Porter that I’d like to give a crack to and a Strawberry Wit beer. Now that’s giving things a go!


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