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Beer – #60 – Dead Good Beer – IPA

Dead Good Beer –India Pale Ale, is brewed for Dead Good Beers in the style of an India Pale Ale (IPA), and they’re based in Nelson, New Zealand.

Dead Good Beer is one of a new wave of craft brewing companies commonly called a “virtual brewery”. A “virtual brewery is one that contracts an actual brewery to make their beer for them. The level of involvement of the virtual brewery, in the brewing process varies greatly from “Make me a beer” to full hands on brewing.

Make of that what you will, seems though that they declare themselves somewhere in the middle.

A bottle of 330Ml of 5.3% ABV dark golden beer with a creamy head. There’s an understated hoppiness about the aroma, not unpleasant. It also appears to be under carbonated, it’s not that lively, the head has fallen away quickly.

There is a bitterness that carries, from the hoppiness, but it’s not aggressive, and the sweetish malty tones are an ok balance. my new favourite phrase “I’m not not loving this” seems to be where I’m at at the moment. Not a bad place to be, but with option to move to somewhere else. I think that might be because I’m having reservations about the on-going quality of outsourcing beer production, it might also be because of the underlying bitterness is creeping.

The pdubyah-o-meter sits at an arbitrary 7 on the arbitrary scale of things. There are many worse ways to drink an IPA than this.

As a Postscript – This beer has a mention / dedication for Blair Peach on the label, a New Zealand-born teacher who was fatally assaulted by a police officer during an anti-racism demonstration in London, England in 1979. Nice work.

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