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Beer – #61 – Dead Good Beer – Golden Ale

Dead Good Beer – Golden Ale is brewed for Dead Good Beers in the style of an Golden Ale / Blonde Ale, and they’re based in Nelson, New Zealand.

A 330Ml Bottle of 5.0% ABV beer this one.

Alarmingly the label says that added organic elder flowers into the brew. I don’t know if this is clever inspired or desperate to differentiate their outsourced beer into something niche.

Golden Ale seems to be a catchall though, this could either be something that’s struggling to be a “blonde” or a safe haven that precludes criticism.

This is a pale yellow beer, and similar to the IPA seems under-carbonated and despite my bestest efforts failed to deliver any head at all. I tried, really I tried. Either my nose is broken or there is no aroma, how’s that happen?

Immediately then this drinks like it’s flat. It’s not something that I was expecting and not something I’m thinking that I’d enjoy.  The elder flower might be the taste that I’m reaching for when I’m drinking this. And unlike the IPA I’m actually not loving this, at all.

The pdubyah-o-meter flickers to a 4 from 10 arbitrary numbers for this. An Avoidable mistake.

Dead Good Beer is one of a new wave of craft brewing companies commonly called a “virtual brewery”. A “virtual brewery is one that contracts an actual brewery to make their beer for them. The level of involvement of the virtual brewery, in the brewing process varies greatly from “Make me a beer” to full hands on brewing.

As a Postscript – This beer has a mention / dedication for Ninoy Aquino on the label, He was assassinated at the Manila International Airport upon returning home from exile in the United States in 1983


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