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Beer – #62 – Epic – Double Stout

Epic Double Stout Vintage Ale – brewed by the Epic Brewing Company, actually brewed at Steam Brewing Company in the style: Imperial Stout, and it’s a local being from Auckland, New Zealand. And it says on the label:-

  • Double Malt.
  • Double Mash.
  • Double Fail.
  • Double Mess.
  • Double Boil.
  • Double Hops.
  • Double Stout.

And that’s me brandishing it like it was Thor’s hammer or something.

This is a Pint sized (500ml) of 7.7% ABV beer. A closer then. Sofa be warned that you might have a guest sleeping on you tonight.

This is a beer that’s a bit under the radar, it’s not listed on the website, which either means that it’s a mistake beer that they had to monetize, or a seasonal thing. Well yes I went back and read “Double Fail” so this isn’t going to end well is it.

Heck that’s an aroma of a smokey beer. Pours thick chocolate and a mocha head completes the trick. Did I say smokey, it also smells hoppy bittery hops. Did I say head, well I turned mine and it ran away.

That’s not so bad, it has the bitter that you’d expect, and some chocolate that you’d also expect, and somewhat hidden perhaps coffee.  It has a dancing carbonation. It’s not such a bad thing. There is quite a lot going on though on the palate, and it dances about a bit. the bittery hops is the lead part though, everything else has a follow on part.

Arbitrarily at 6 from 10 arbitrary things on the pdubyah-o-meter this really is a beer that has for company a lot of very good beers that are better than it is, you’d be foolish if you had this and settled on it as being the best you ever had. It’s good, but it’s only Championship league and not Premier league good.

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