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Beer – #65 – Green Flash Brewery – Le Freak

Green Flash Brewery – Le Freak. Brewed by Green Flash Brewing Co. in the style: Abbey Tripel, and they make that in San Diego, California USA

“Le Freak is a modern ale created by converging two beer styles, Belgian Trippel and American Imperial IPA. The use of two yeast strains further marries the styles and American hops give the beer its modern flare…”

they said…

A big  pint bottle of 9.2% ABV beer this one, and it delivers to a Lemony Aroma, with the hops pushing through, Totally mad head, and a intense sweet caramel taste.  A lovely caramel golden colour too. It’s not half bad. There’s also the IPA bit that the one standing in the background waving at you, and it arrives at the back of the palate, it’s a bit of all things to all people.

So having settled the aroma is of hops, which isn’t unpleasant, the taste is still in the belgium trippel style, which isn’t unpleasant.

Am I loving it? I’m not not loving it 🙂 the pdubyah-o-meter is somewhat confused on this. It’s not a beer for everyday (at 9.2% ABV), and I’m not sure that I’d finish with this either as it’s not that spectacular a beer that you’d lean back and pat your stomach and smack your lips in satisfaction.

So a lazy 7 from 10 is all that I get in arbitrary numbers from an equally arbitrary number, I didn’t stand up and tell MrsPdubyah that I was having a party in my mouth, and there have been beers that made me do that.

I doff my imaginary cap to them though, this is something they thought about, even if the end result is a bit of a Prometheus, it’s not one thing or another and both together isn’t better than the sum of the parts.

Given this I will be back at Liquorland in Forest Hill and checking out the other beers and hoping they have some that I might have overlooked as there is potential to have that party in my mouth that I was hoping for.

and in late breaking news I changed my mind on this and made it an 8 from 10 pdubyah-o-meter things, I cracked under the pressure and the fact that this is a beer that I would pass up a lot of other beers for. #fact 🙂


3 comments on “Beer – #65 – Green Flash Brewery – Le Freak

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  3. Pats Pints
    April 28, 2014

    I concur that le freak is a mixture of two good styles that don’t work well together. You hit the nail on he head when you said the whole is not greater than the sum of the pars. Green flash beers do have an impressive head though.


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