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Beer – #66 – Rogue – Mocha Porter

Rogue Mocha Porter. A way to end a torrid week.

Brewed by Rogue Ales in the style of a Porter, and this again a visitor from another place, the fabulous Newport, Oregon USA.

650Ml of a 5.1% ABV dark beer then.. or as they put it ….

Ruddy brown in color, a bittersweet balance of malt and hops with a light cream finish. Mocha Porter is made from Northwest Harrington and Klages; 135-165, 95-115, and 70-80 Crystal; Beeston Chocolate, Black, Munich and Carastan malts. Perle and Centennial hops…… so there!

It is dark brown, and I got no head, de nada, nix, and weirdly again no aroma to speak of. It might be a feature of the Rogue beers.  I get a carbination, and then I get a bit of a chocolate (mocha) hit, and that has some good time in the mouth, you know you’ve had a beer with a flavour is what I’m saying here. There is a tad of chocolate and of smoke.

That is all. But isn’t that enough? Well, no to be honest. It’s a bit thin. I had an expectation of just a little more, I don’t know what, because the mystery guest never was included in this.

These are clearly people with a lot of thinking, and the combinations they have for ingredients and their up-font statement about them is much admirable. Again I don’t not love this as a beer, and there are beers shuffling down the pdubyah-o-meter as I write.

What’s the most impressive though is that these beers are those that change your perceptions of beer, particularly, mostly born of ignorance, of the US beers. And I like that.

The pdubyah-o-meter based on taste would be 7 isn on the arbitrary scale of things for this, it lacks the jolt or the elusive and all a bit fluffy “wow” factor for me, and you know that I’ve found beer that has that. Am I disappointed? Heck no, I’m just not blown away.


4 comments on “Beer – #66 – Rogue – Mocha Porter

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  4. Ana
    June 9, 2014

    Question: How can you have only 65 IBu (if I heard right) with 4.5 pounds per baerrl of hops? Its way higher than that, no? Also, was this served fresh or aged? Was there an “hot-maturation” process? Wish I could taste this beer.


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