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Beer – #68 – Golden Eagle South Island Pale Ale (S.I.P.A)

Rightly so, for a Friday, Golden Eagle South Island Pale Ale (S.I.P.A),  this on Brewed by Golden Eagle Brewery and they make this in the style of an English Pale Ale they’re in Rolleston, New Zealand.

500ml of a 5.5% ABV beer then.

Pure Canterbury water,barley and Nelson hops are brought together with passion to create this classic pale ale – they say

I say… smells like hops, which is a good sign. And I have a cold so they must be a bit there, since I got nothing else from the pour, which is deep golden colour with a decent head. So far so good. I did lie a little I can smell the hops 🙂

And that it  delivers tartness, but not a bitterness,  I like that, big strong hops. I don’t get any maltiness, no caramel no toffee under-tones.  I don’t know if it’s my cold that makes me miss the it, I’m sure it’s there. Or not. Who knows. It makes no difference it’s a a good beer.

7 from 10 is how the pdubyah-o-meter reacts on this, and I won’t be budged.  It’s well carbonated and the burp wasn’t something I enjoyed.  Is this something I’d offer a friend? I might, but with this hop-ness you ought to be sure of your friend.  I think this is a strong, i.e. well crafted, beer and I’m glad it’s been something I discovered, nice work Golden Eagle. Is it a “go-to” beer? not for me, this one, but that doesn’t make it bad, just not quite where I’m at.

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