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Beer – #80 – Rogue – Dry Hopped St. Rogue Red Ale

It’s about that time of the day when all there is left is a roll of the dice, and this is the last chance saloon (this week) and I usher in the the  Rogue Dry Hopped St. Rogue Red Ale.
Well it’s brewed by Rogue Ales Newport, Oregon USA, and they do this one in the style of an Amber Ale.

You might pick from the visage there is hope rather than certainty in this.

I know that Rogue have a fair decent thing going on, having had the pleasure of  some of their output,  please please please….

This then in a brilliantly presented 650Ml of a 6.2% ABV beer, in a way that it’s a  thing going on and demanding an attention. Lets get it on.

I know this is the last beer of the night, and so I look forward to A Reddish copper in color, a roasty malt flavor with a hoppy sprucy finish. Saint Rogue Red is made with two-row Harrington, Klages and Munich malts, along with Hugh Baird 30-37, 13-17 Carastan, and Crystal 70-80 malts (44.4% speciality grains .39 lbs grain per bottle); Chinook and Centennial hops.

All of that and the blue cheese, crackers and a bit of A-League averageness.

There’s a big hops in this, it’s ok, and pours like a real beer, head and all. See I can do it. It’s dark like you think a beer should look too.

There’s a zinginess on the tounge, and not for the first time this week in a weird way I found turkish delight, which isn’t normal, but might be forgiven for the sweetness.

As a learning thought I ‘m getting that this is  all about the dry  hops, which  add the sweetness  and the  “green” taste. If you get it you get it. You really have to have this as a lesson, a teaching though, it’s not something you could stumble across without a teacher. You have you have to have this explained A v B, And I learnt this from Ian at  the WilliamsWarne shop.

The most of me wants to fly to Oregon, not for the “trail” but just for the this. I realise that in drinking and then thinking about he beer makes you a bit of a twat. That you’d sit here and do the big aroma, length, palate thing in some way that makes you have a real opinion, you drink beer because you like the beer. There’s no science in it, except there seem to be.

This is terribly good beer. although the sweetness might have you thinking twice if you had to sit and drink more than a prudent amount.

Not a “red” by any way that I know a “red” beer, and that makes the pdybyah-o-meter get to just a 7 things from 10 things in it’s own arbitrary way. It’s just too sweet and cloying, it’s not bad I’m glad it wasn’t my first beer, and I’ not upset it was my last

Get some of this, there is a good story in the drinking, and as part of a journey through an evening this would be something you should include, it’s nice, it’s a bit good, and if you arrived with a  bottle I’d cuddle you like a brother.

Oh I forgot the blue cheese and became enamoured of this beer, which is a good thing said MrsPdubyh. Me not being daft decided she was right and that was all she wrote.  he said.


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