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When Sci-Fi loses the plot – Revolution

Revolution – our entire way of life depends on electricity. So what would happen if it just stopped working…..  15 years later, life is back to what it once was long before the industrial revolution

I’ve only watched a couple of episodes and I have a couple of questions, and an observation.

  1. No electricity means no “lots of things”, including combustion engines, and jet engines. So… back to horse and buggy then.

There have been a couple of scenes set around train tracks, so I get no diesel trains, but clearly “electricity also means that you can’t have “steam trains“, nor those amusing manual bogey cart things with the handle that goes up and down.

In town you can’t have steam driving anything, and forgive me for a being a  naive but aren’t bicycles pedal power? Yet to see one of those?

And there are scenes that have a clock in them, I probably need to include “clockwork” into “depends on electricity”

No windmills either. the ubiquitous electricity thing again.

No hang-gliders, dirigibles, kites either. It’s really harsh having no electricity

  1. Unfeasibly pretty people , and the chubby guy from Google.  All the female parts appear to be tick the box stereo-type not unattractive people. The men, well in a rehash of so many  plot devices we have to have the pretty-yet-needy-in-some-way boy, the (still) overweight chap, the dark recluse and the bad-man.

  2. Shaving, did I mention that, seems that you can still forge knives and swords, and have a shave. No electricity needed there, if only they could remember how to harness the power of the flames to make steam……

  3. Everything is in ruins, cities have crumbled. Concrete will do that without regular electricity.

  4. The “Government” and the “Rebels” – somehow you have to stretch that there is a ruling government Thiefdom in some way, and they’re all about crushing the “rebels”  by marching small groups of “militia” around taking taxes.

  5. Guns. In 15 years guns are outlawed and illegal to own, says the militia, and everyone but everyone has a crossbow. Mostly. It’s like either all the gunpowder ran out, or that all the manual bullet press machines broke, or something. Makes no sense. Crossbows make no sense.  At one point the Militia turn up with Muiskets!

Finally though. Electricity. Switched off, somehow, over the everywhere. But not so that it has any effect on the electrical impulses of the brain and body.  Perhaps they mean “mechanical electricity”, the sort that keeps bridges from collapsing and buildings from crumbling and batteries. But not brain or body electricity, that’d be no story though, not even zombies

Finally finally… Which reminds me that they do have a fishing community but haven’t yet figured out paddle steamers. Clean clothes appear to be in endless supply, they’ve invented the “everpress” technology to make them look crisp and new in the 15 years since they’ve not been able to manufacture “the everything”


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