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Chores for Peace….

Incandescent Bipin light bulb

Incandescent Bipin light bulb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m on a roll with the chores today, and you know how chores can be the mundane. So in no particular order (but actually the order I did them in);

  1. Change one of the tiny halogen light bulbin the kitchen
    • Find replacement bulb.
    • Take everything out of cupboard
    • Locate bulb
    • Put everything back in cupboard
    • Change bulb
  2. Change a different bulb in the kitchen
    • See step one and repeat
  3. English: Advertising postcard, picture side, f...

    English: Advertising postcard,  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    “Fix” washing machine

    • Washing machine “overflowed” in the week, it’s my job to know why. Apparently.
    • Discuss possible causes, get ridiculed.
    • Decide that it’s nothing more than generally blocked and needs a cleaner.
    • Mix cleaner, administer, wait a bit.
    • Discuss why it did not work a bit.
    • Ignore discussion and go for something a bit manual.
    • Get under sink, disassemble pipe “A”.
    • Find pipe “A” has water in it, pour into sink.
    • Find towel to mop up under sink where you just poured all the water over yourself and floor
    • disassemble pipe “B”  that us attached to “A”. being the “U shaped one.
    • Remove two clothes peg and about half a sock’s worth of lint”
    • Do a little happy dance.
    • Ask wifey how a clothes peg in let alone two made it into the sink?
    • get reproachful look.
    • get back under sink.
    • reassemble pipes.
  4. Français : Taille-haie Husqvarna 323 HD 60. Ta...

    Français : Taille-haie Husqvarna 323 HD 60. Taille-haie thermique standard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Trim the garden hedge

    • Try to avoid this one, but whilst I was on chore 3 MrsPdubyah has been on the intertubes and the local hire pool is open
    • Wait for MrsPdubyah to change, since she wants to visit the burley man at the hire place
    • Hire hedge trimmer, industrial sized
    • Trim hedge to required standard and height, width and density.
    • Only nearly cut myself.
    • get sympathy.
    • get told to get on with the hedge.
    • get told to do the hedge at the back.
    • get supervised.
    • get told to do it some more
    • get a drink
    • get back onto the job
    • get told to do it some more
    • apparently “it’s not even” is full and complete instruction on how to trim a hedge to a satisfactory standard
    • massacre hedge out of spite
    • get congratulated, how’s that happen?
    • take trimmer back, pay the man, have blokey laugh about the peace I’ve just earned.
  5. Coffee cup

    Coffee cup (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

    Get Coffee

    • put petrol in car.
    • order coffee.
    • wait for coffee beans to grow.
    • wait for cow to be born.
    • wait until cow can produce milk.
    • I’m sure Oil is made quicker than this.
    • get home with luke warm coffee.
    • MrsPdubyah abandons gardening in favour of a magazine.
    • instead of music the gently whirl and beep of washing machine in the background

All is at peace in house, and all I have to do is buy some new bulbs and hide them for the next installment of change the bulb….

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