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Beer – #85 – Yeastie Boys – Pot Kettle Black

Yeastie Boys – Pot Kettle Black – a recommendation! This one is in the style of a Porter / American Porter

The Yeastie Boys brew at the Invercargill Brewery, and for this they did it in the style of a Porter. In a 330ml bottle containing a 6% ABV beer. And having been recommended I have a big expectation.

Pot Kettle Black’ is an unusually hoppy rich and robust porter balancing the delectable dark malt flavours of traditional porter with fruity hop characteristics usually associated with modern craft pale ales. The result is a rare beer indeed: moreish, nutritious and delicious.

Pours dark, I wouldn’t say black, but it’s dark alright, There’s not a big aroma, and less of a head. What aroma there is, is a toasted note. ‘k I get chocolates, and a fruit flavour, and a burst of carbonation. Bit of a dance.

I find this though a bit “thin” on taste and body. There are lot of crowd scene flavours in the background but nothing that takes a centre stage on the palate. Nothing that appeals to me. Nothing that makes me frown though.

In pdubyah world there is beer you drink and beer you enjoy. I enjoy a lot of different beers, some of which are very drinkable.  This sits somewhere in-between, that confusing place between this is a beer I’m drinking but I’m not enjoying, but that it’s not unpleasant. It’s not just for me. Not a second time anyway

For that thought this is competent and the pdubyah-o-meter, in it’s arbitrary way gets to a solid 7 things from a thing. Does not set a benchmark, the house on fire, the tone. I Think that there is a  mélange of things going on all of which add up to a sum of less than the parts.

I’d like to add that this is a “porter” and I’ve been struggling with that genre for a bit, and so my confusion might be just my confusion and not a reflection of this as a porter.


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