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Beer – #90 – Croucher- Pilsner

Croucher, A Pilsner, Brewed by Croucher Brewing, in the style of a Pilsener and that’s in Rotorua, New Zealand.  A Pilsner refers to pale, hoppy lagers, ranging from 28IBUs and up. Pilsners that do not meet the specific characteristics of a German or Bohemian pils will be given this generic classification. They can’t even agree the spelleage of Pilsner!

So there you are, a thing that might be a thing.  And this is a thing, because of the previous Croucher that I had I’m somewhat dubious.

500mls of a 5% ABV beer, ready for action.  And delivers a small burst of hops, pours really really pale, yellow, weak yellow, and there is no further aroma to deliver.

Wow that’s grassy hops in that, is this a thing with the Croucher beer?, That’s a dominant thing but there is a back current of a sweetness that hard to pin down. And this together seem to cancel each other out on the palate which is fairly short and un-memorable.

I do have to say that a Pilsner is a bit off my beaten track, but if a Pilsner is a base of grassy hops then this is great. This is a” this and that” beer, it’s not what I think a pilsner is, and it’s more an IPA or APA than a Pilsner, I think.

I’m conflicted on the Pdubyah-o-meter for this and it agrees arbitrarily that this is arbitrarily a 6.5.  It’s lovely pale and clear, it’s horribly hoppy, It’s not smooth, European, flash, suave, smooth or debonair. It’s confused is what it is. Why have a barge sized hop flavour on a pleasure boat?

This might just be the wrong hops, or they’re setting their shingle on this base, I’m not sure it’s a good idea.

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