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Beer – #174 – Renaissance – Enlightenment Series – Scotch on Rye 70/- Ale

For a Friday then, the Renaissance Enlightenment Series Scotch on Rye 70/- Ale.

Renaissance - Scotch on Rye..it means ’70 shilling’ (sigh, OK, I will tell the whole story). We were asked to make a big malty beer that is lower in alcohol than a Scotch Ale so we went to the source and brewed another Scottish style, the 70/- Ale. Malty and satisfying without too much kick. Oh and we brewed this one with Rye… because Rye not! We also used oats and wheat in the mash for flavour and mouth-feel and then left the brew to age on Oak until it was smooth and mellow.

Brewed by Renaissance Brewing in the style of a  Scotch Ale in the most unlikely of places – Blenheim, New Zealand. A  500ml, 4.8%ABV bottle of beer. (2 standard drinks worth).  and an IBU of 17 – which is in the range for Scottish Beers. Best drunk at between 8-10 degrees C. Well it’s pretty cold out so lets try it.

Light bready yeast on opening, surprisingly dark brown colour, plenty of carbonation fizz, and a meagre head.  the aroma settles to a sweet fruit.

There is a lovely maltiness and balanced bitterness, with a pretty long note. You know you’ve had a mouthful of beer. Surprisingly multi layered and very entertaining!

I like it but there is a ‘tang’ in there somewhere, perhaps the Rye? it’s sort of in the middle, might be mistaken for “rubber”.  I’m not saying it’ll put you off, but it’s something you might need to be aware of that is a character of the beer.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this 7.5 of things – making it a better then good beer.  It’s a quirky beer, and it might be a one shot deal. It is different, it isn’t “strong” in terms of alcohol content, and therefore relies on a taste profile. Not sure that it hits any of the marks well, but close enough is good enough.


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