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Getting it right, beer and me, the brewery called…..

Back in June,  just after my birthday, I had a most unrewarding beer experience.  This was the Funk Estate – “Oh Lordy!

And being as how beer makes you brave I called them out for it being flat and that I’d avoid them unless they called me.

They called me.

This came about when I got followed on Twitter by Funk Estate @FunkEstate, and I had some trepidation, because I’m not really a confrontational kind of chap, and I didn’t really want to get into a debate. Instead they’ve offered to replace my correctly identified faulty bottle of beer. Which is outstanding.

I don’t write this blog/diary for profit, sponsorship, or reward, (which should not stop you from trying to bribe me or send me free things), I write it for my amusement and indulgence.

So I’m torn between my own sense of why I do this, and the smile about getting something for free.

I’ve declined their offer of replacement,  because I don’t want to compromise my very low standards, and because although an outstanding gesture from them I’m not exactly an ‘influencer’ judging by the number of readers I generally have. Plus I’d feel better about contributing to their sales rather than their costs.

I have friends (yes I have) who have had a much better experience with the Funk Estate beer than I have. although they too considered it’s ‘flatness’ a thing.

I’m off to the bottle shop to get a new bottle and I’ll write a new review, hopefully get back onside, and remove that barrier that’s got in my way of at least considering  the Funk Estate- Funkn’stein thats on-tap at the Hopscotch beer company.



3 comments on “Getting it right, beer and me, the brewery called…..

  1. kingmidget
    September 24, 2013

    At least they cared. Far too many businesses don’t seem to these days.


    • Pdubyah
      September 25, 2013

      I know, it’s such a time investment and once you start you have to continue. I did email them, they emailed back, I’ll review their beer, and write some new words.

      My first endorsementf for kind.


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