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Beer- #213 – Funk Estate – Oh Lordy! – The Redux

I drank this a few beers ago #180  – the Funk Estate – Oh Lordy!,  from  naturally  the Funk Estate and Brewed at Aotearoa Breweries in the style: American Pale Ale and of all the places I’m not at the moment Windy Wellington, New Zealand.

Funk Estate - Oh LordyStill a 330 ml bottle of a 5.9% ABV NZ Pale Ale, still only the 1.5 standard drinks.

Funk call this out as ” Gooseberries and tropical fruit are some of the notes picked out of the incredible complexity. Smooth and soulful with an exciting late bitterness. OH LORDY!”

Should you care to read my less than glorious first attempt you’ll see I called them out to contact me.  Should you care to look you’ll note they did

Should you note, also, that I declared that I couldn’t be brought off. Turns out I can 🙂

Tonight then the re-review of the beer that brought me so much angst and anger back in June this year.

The hiss from the opening says it could be ok, the aroma is a bit missing, but that’s ok, it’s what happens next.

The pour is  flat and headless, but then I have a thing about beer and head, the aroma has some deep unfamiliar thing going on. You think you have it then you don’t.  It settles to a bready note, if I was pushed.

The taste is full of lemon, grapefruit, and other ‘sour’ notes, but there isn’t a top note softness to balance this up.

It’s still gives the impression of a  disturbingly flat beer in the glass, like beer that’s been left overnight from a party. The taste profile delivers a grassiness and grapefruit thing, which is good.

Things that I thought might be different; poured with a head, kept some carbonation

Things that were different; had happiness and the associated grassiness and citrus type fruit notes.

Things that I like about this. It’s a much better beer than I gave credit for previously.  I do think that there is an issue with head and appearance or apparent carbonation, don’t get me wrong this isn’t a flat beer,  it just looks like one.

The pdubyah-o-meter then on re-examination  says 7  , but a B- and either I don’t get your vision or I’ve misunderstood it.  I don’t know how to make this a better beer,  but perhaps I’d make either of the ends of the sweet or bitter end sharper. I might make the beer darker. I think the aroma profile is confused.

I wanted to re-evaluate this based on me buying it and being honest.  I gave it up and accepted the offer from the brewer, but I’m not going to compromise by pretending this is, for me, better than it is.  Which is a beer that is a bit understated, not in a good way, with a few things that need a review.

Did I enjoy it, yes I did. but in compare to the last time I had it. Did I enjoy it comparedto the promise of funkification that the label has, sadly not so much.

As Shaft would say, I think you’re Jiving me.


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