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Beer – #215 – Funk Estate – Funk’nStein

So to the second of the beers from the Funk Estate people, this one the Funk Estate Funk’nStein. this on though Brewed at Massey University Microbrewery and in the Style of a : Black IPA, and the brewer is in Wellington, New Zealand.

Funk Estate - Funk'nsteinFunk’nstein’s lineage began at our first experiment, an adored black IPA that packed pubs and pipped popularity contests. Being scrumptious and gorgeous was never enough, so we continued to chop, tweak, shock and reassemble her. When you two merge, you’ll experience her vivd, velvety and voluptuous body and soul of a tropical grapefruit punch. Embrace her, she’s tasty.

330ml of a 7% ABV beer, making it 1.8 standard drinks, a lot for a small package…

Bittery hoppy nose on opening. Well carbonated, dark black pour with a tan head, that like all my beer before fades away yo a film. I might be over-obsessed with heads on beers. Lovely Hop nose in the glass too.

Delightfully bitter, but might be just a tad sharp, and with a reasonable softer carry too, which in fact delivers a really nice balance to this..

As always it comes down to my arbitrary take on things, with the pdubyah-o-meter. The Funk’nStein would have you enjoying this at 8, making it a very good.  I’m keen to think that this was the second of the brewers beers, and it is brewed at a different facility to the Oh Lordy! which might account for differences in the profile.

I know , yes, one was an AIPA and this is a Black IPA but this has much more pronounced hoppiness and happiness. It also retains some of a head, and doesn’t look flat and uninviting.

I like this a lot and am glad I had another, I enjoyed this with some, to boast, magnificently barbecued lamb chops, and a salad, and I’d do it again. Redemption delivered in some way then for the Funk people, this is the Jive Talking, and based on my two beer, linear progression of like the next one should be a doozie.


3 comments on “Beer – #215 – Funk Estate – Funk’nStein

  1. Shigeo
    October 10, 2013

    Funk’nstein is brewed at Aotearoa Breweries actually.


    • Pdubyah
      October 10, 2013

      Ah, But they have brewed for you in the past (the Massey Microbrewery?)? I thought they collaborated with you on 3 or 4 beers.

      I’m going to give them Funn’nstein and the Oh Lordy another go, I’m determined to find the best in them.

      Hugh at Hopscotch in Mt.Eden has the Fun’nstein on tap, as it were, It’s on my to-do list for tommorow to go get some/


      • Shigeo
        October 15, 2013

        Yes, you are right. We have brewed few beers at Massey in Palmy in the past and we still brew there occasionally. Our batch at Massey is the experimental series and recently we brewed Pink Peppercorn Saison for Hashigo Zake’s Pacific Beer Expo. (It’s a great beer festival. A lot of new beers and I’d say it’s the best beer festival for the beer geeks.) Usually this experimental beers aren’t available in bottles, but we brewed a beer called Super Afrodisiac Imperial Stout. You should be able to get them in 750ml bottles from Brother’s Brewery if you’d like to give our Massey batch a go.


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