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Beer- #214 – Garage Project – Lord Cockswain’s Courage Blended Porter

The Weirdly named Garage Project Lord Cockswain’s Courage- Blended Porter, Brewed by Garage Project in the style of a  Porter  or Imperial/Strong Porter for the stronger one, and The Garage Project is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Garage Project Lord Cockswains CourageGarage Project have this labelled as a” Blended Porter”.

“Tastes Like War”. Slogging up and down the mounts of Venus really takes it out of a chap. After a long day at it, his Lordship needs a special something to steady the legs. Brewed to his own special requirements, Lord Cockswain’s Double Barrel Blend is a judicious blend of freshly brewed Courage, and our brewery ’stock’, aged for over 12 months in oak bourbon barrels. Combining the rich licorice, raisin and vanilla character of aged porter, with a lively sparkle and chocolate character of freshly brewed beer, the result is complex, powerful and deceptively drinkable. Just the way his lordship likes it. Bottled on 8th July 2013 Enjoy now or for several years to come

This is a 650ml bottle of a 10.5% ABV,  beer, making it about 5.4 standard drink units

Indeed why not.  Also seems this might be a “rare” find.

Unassuming bitter note on opening. Pours richly dark, with a really lively mocha head that dissipates in a sea of carbonation.  Settles to a musty chocolate fruit aroma.

Tastes like a wizards concoction.

Lots going on with high tones of fruits, and sweet things, with a really deep under-note of smoked. Very pleasant this is. It’s bitterness is almost a sourness, but in some strange way this is very appealing.

The alcohol isn’t abundantly apparent, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was a strong beer without realising that it was a bit of a heavyweight of it’s sort.

The pdubyah-o-meter makes this easily a 10, swing and a ding! A beer that is aggressive and accessible, not bitter, not overly sweet. Maybe erring too much to the barley wine with the fruit, but a thoroughly impressive concoction. Well done that man.

I’m so pleased I got this. It is let down by it seeming ’fizziness’ and then a lack of sustained head, but if you know me and beer it might be more a me thing than a beer thing. There is a wicked amount of sweet fruit and top notes against a booming pleasant carrying note of smoked or bourbon underneath. Very long palate, very decent mouthfeel. A wizards concoction. Hides it high ABV pretty well, and for some might have too much fruitiness to make it seem more barley wine than Porter. Substantial, and if you missed out don’t fret, the track record from GP is such that the next one will have the dial at 11.



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