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Beach Life – Summer 2013 – #8

The New Years Eve edition, that was.

The new thing is fireworks we discovered at variously 11:58, 11:59, midnight, 12:01 and all the way through to 12:20. Extremely loud fireworks. I’m not even sure when that became a thing.

Obviously too that whoever held the matches told the time, and that no-one had thought to synchronise watches, or phones, or anything. Bit of a laugh. Someone has to go first.

I think the frugal in me is against setting fire to money like that, this of course does not extend to my beer drinking and the associated costs for that. Also I enjoy the fact that other people have spent the money, I’m good like that.

It was a nice evening, although it was getting slightly cooler as it got later,


The view was improved a bit, as did my mood.


So the communal party was great, although it was cold last night, cold enough to have regretted wearing shorts. The iTorch thing ran the battery out on the phone half way there, made getting back a bit of fun.

I should bring a proper camera next time as the abundance of stars is to behold.

Back at the party though, with Shaking hands I took these pictures of the man-cave, shaking because of the cold not the sense of awe, or Cor!

Fast forward, and the morning of the first still sees the Gentleman Fishing Club on the sidelines waiting a break in the weather and for the rafts of weed in the sea to move along. Might be later today I hope

And for the next activity, after brunch, it’s a walk around the Matarangi point. Pictures later, or not, depends.


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