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Beer – #269 – Coromandel – Easy Rider

A local beer to where we are on holiday, Coromandel Easy Rider,  Brewed by Coromandel Brewing in the style of a American Pale Ale and  they do that in Matarangi, Whitianga, New Zealand, but I thought it was Hahei.

They’re all pretty close together geographically I’m not going to fight over it. Matarangi is the very next beach along, I’m pretty sure I’d know if there was brewing going on.

Coro - Easy Rider

A 500ml bottle of a 5% ABV beer, making it a 2 drink unit beer, and at 150 calories it’s tummy friendly. Bottle conditioned to, means it should have sludge in it, pour gently.

“This light, golden coloured ale has a gentle malt influence and is mildly fruity from the use of fantastic New Zealand grown hops and our special strain of yeast.”

Has an ok aroma, not too hoppy or yeasty. Pours with a significant head, which is always a good thing, Hazy golden orange in colour. Head is persistent.

It’s very hoppy and enjoyable straight away, just the right amount of bitterness in that, for me.

Note how I’ve given up caring about the background, and have included 2 bananas for effect.

This is a darned good IPA. It’s a great colour, great carbonation, pours with a head, has a muted aroma that is more towards malt than hops, and it drinks just fine. I could go another. However it is, again in my opinion, expensive for a NZ beer, Which is a shame.

The pdubyah-o-meter has no trouble making this a 8, very good, beer on the random scale of things that I invented.  It ticks a lot of boxes for an IPA. Delivers a nice grassy hoppiness that doesn’t take over, pours with a head, and yet it is an IPA. My feelings on IPA are that it shouldn’t be a beer you can get wrong, it’s a standard 101 beer, isn’t it? Some brewers get their version to really crack and sing.

So there are exceptional IPA beers, and there are really poor ones, and on the bell curve the majority are fair-to-middling.


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