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Beer – #436 – Beavertown – Black Betty

More beer in a can, the new normal –  this one a previous gift from the nice people Beertique.co.nz – Today I’m drinking the Beavertown Black Betty.

Brewed by Beavertown in the style that is Black IPA and they are based in Hackney Wick, England

Can is 330 ml, (just over 11 Fl Oz), and contains a 7.4% ABV beer that is at  60 IBU, and of 222 calories a serve. In NZ this would be 1.93 standard drink units. 60 IBUS would be in the middle of the  range for an IPA, which can be 40-80.

Beavertown - Black BettyA big fat contradiction, jet black but light and hoppy. Heavy-handed use of Columbus, Chinook and Citra, with some clever German malt makes Betty a big, stinky brew.
Malt: Simpsons Best, Caragold, Caramalt, Carafa II & Carafa III.
Hops: Magnum, Columbus, Chinook & Citra.

This has a big following and is well liked, so I’m looking forward to this on a changeable afternoon where it’s alternating between sun spells and bitter cold showers.

Intensely hoppy aroma on opening which it does with flourish, something satisfying in the ke-chee of the can opening.

Beavertown - Black BettyPour is, no surprises, black and it is one of the nicest pouring beers I’ve had for a while and despite how it looks, and how I’ve poured it in the glass the head is firm and persistent and no chance of over spills, it’s looks really creamy and inviting.

Gosh, that really is amazingly bitter and grassy, and tangy.

Slightly bitter and lingering finish with what is an easy drinking beer. Great lacing too.

It’s really standing up in all areas is this so far. But I’m trying not to be carried away, which is harder than you’d think, particularly since first drink and it was free.

This is a nice IPA beer. They’ve made it a Black IPA, which is more toasting the malts to add that colour. It’s all of it’s 60 IBU but bangs up against a slightly sour and grassy top end just a tad too much for me, and I’d prefer something softer at the top of that. Which is about the worst thing you can say about a fine beer.

I like it but I’d like it to be more rounded and felt, for me, that this a bit rough at the top and edges, and not warm enough in the middle.  But I did like it and would go again, just not right away.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 7.5 a of its things from the thing which isn’t quite the “very good” beer that I was hoping but it is nethertheless a beer that I would drink again, and I would like to try it on tap if I came across it. It has great aroma, and sits eel in the glass, the taste profile is intensely bitter with a finish that is just too grassy for me.

The double dip review

  1. Am I enjoying it? I am liking it more than I’m not liking it.
  2. Would I have another? I would on another occasion.
  3. Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? I’m not sure I would, I think that this is well regarded but for me I’d be shy of whipping it out and celebrating our friendship with it.

Musically, and you won’t believe this, I’m listening to Sitar Music, Heavy funk style. This is the track  by Klaus Doldinger called  Sitar Beat


An emerging beer style roughly defined as a beer with IPA-level hopping, relatively high alcohol and a distinct toasty dark malt character. Typically lacks the roastiness and body of a strong stout and is hoppier than a strong porter. Expressive dry-hopping is common. Also called India Dark Ale, India Black Ale, Cascadian Dark Ale, Dark IPA, and sometimes India Brown Ale.


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