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Beer – #922 – Garage Project – Château Aro

I have had this before, in June 2014, It was in a bigger bottle then, clearly something they’ve discovered was popular, and you know, more is less, so making hay whilst the sun shines seems a good plan. Mad if you don’t. Last time out it grew into an 8 arbitrary things.

Rich, complex and surprising

Garage Project Château Aro  a 375ml of a beer that is a surprising 11% ABV,  that’s about 350 calories a serve size, and this would be 3.3 standard drink units in NZ.

Brewed by Garage Project in the style that is of a Fruit Beer and the are in Wellington, New Zealand

‘Never mix grape and grain’ – we’re breaking the cardinal rule again for our second grape harvest beer.

Bwine o’clock….

Château Aro, a dark rubescent lager, conditioned on the freshly crushed juice and skins of pinot noir grapes from the award winning Escarpment Winery.

And the result of this unholy union?

Rich, complex and surprising.

Remember, beer then wine, you’ll be fine.

So, What could possibly go wrong?

Pinot aroma forward, with a yeasty under note.

Cloudy turkey pour of a beer, this isn’t a clear or sharp beer, and it sits muddy in the glass, without a head, could almost be fizzy wine.

The red wine note calms down  in the glass.

The initial taste is very red wine tannin and there’s a sweetness about it that seems comforting, then there is that ‘rough’ finish that you get with some red wines, which isn’t uncomfortable at all.

It becomes alarmingly easy drinking because there isn’t a lot of mid-body in this, no really big mouthfeel that makes you stop and sip it like wine, all you seem to want to do is swig it like plonk.

Which could be dangerous as, although not quite wine level boozy it is boozy enough to catch you out if you’re not paying attention.

There really isn’t a lot bad to say about this beer it settles into a nice taste space profile and brings a smile to the dial. Lucky for me I chose a wine glass, because you know sometimes you can, and that means that I get two full glasses, which is just how you drink wine.

The pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 9 of its things from the thing. It just falls short because the lack of apparent head, and it really doesn’t look at palatable as it could being murky and all, which are small but quite important points. Otherwise this is terribly nice

The double dip review

  • Where did I get it? There wasn’t much around, I got mine at Liquorland in Forrest Hill
  • Am I enjoying it? Yes this is brilliant
  • Would I have another? Yes, if only it was available, which is probably isn’t
  • Would I share with a friend on a porch and set the world to rights? Yes, this is excellent and lovely and would, I think. sit across beer and red wine drinkers.

Music for this:  ” Little Hurricane ” Same Sun Same Moon” on of course Spotify 

Little Hurricane is an American rock and blues band, based out of San Diego, California


Any ale or lager made with fruit. See beer description for flavor. Body, color, hop character and strength vary depending on the type of fruit used.


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