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Herevana – Kereru – Sea of Pink

I’m prudent enough to be a monthly subscriber to Kereru beers. This month the beer is called “Sea of Pink” and it’s a hazy hibiscus IPA. There’s also ‘beets’. What could go wrong?

That Colour though !

Kereru Sea of Pink is made in the fashionable 🇳🇿 Upper Hutt, New Zealand and is an IPA – Flavored styled beer of course, with an ABV of  6.9% making it about 1.8 standard drinks

Well what happens is you get an absolutely outstanding and alarmingly gorgeous looking beer, with that mazy pink hazy colour that appears to be disconnected from the colour spectrum.

The Aroma is just like an IPA. This is some weird magic.

The taste, it’s ‘earthy’ is what comes to mind, and there’s a sting of bitterness.

But this is deep, and mysterious, and to start it is bit offish to your expected Palette.  Then you realise that this is is amazing, like properly amazing and so far away from what you think a Hazy IPA is, and you sense that this beer sets it’s own path.

That earthiness is compelling and wilful and so unusual that it is like a light light in a dark tunnel, a hazy so far removed from the ‘hazy’ that we’ve been spoiled with recently.

 The pdubyah-o-meter surged  to a 9 from 10 . This is a a beer that only the churlish and staid wouldn’t think was a bit of a slow burner, and because it has unusually used ingredients should mark it apart and not aside from the outstanding beers of 2020

Also ‘Outstanding beers of 2020’ isn’t something I could even begin to start thinking about and be sensible compiling a list for. Someone will of course.

I know the brewer is going to smile at the list of songs that Spotify thought were my top songs, and to be honest I did too, and when you’ve got the some original bootleg versions of these songs on high rotation in the car life just seems good. Also if I had 3 wishes one of them would be being able to play that piano like Jules holland does.


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