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Herevana – Parrot Dog – Lloyd

It’s Friday afternoon, after a long work week, and I’ve settled in with a selection of the left over items in the fridge, which is quite a lot really. And I’m drinking PArrotDog beer, which is not a left over, but that I’ve just purchased, it being a hazy kind of evening.

ParrotDog Hazy IPA Lloyd–Is from Wellington 🇳🇿 Wellington, New Zealand, and it is of course an IPA – Hazy / New England (NEIPA) kind of beer. This is a 440ml can of 6% ABV and 2.1 drinks worth of a beer.


I’ve got all sorts of things to help me though, from Chorizo, Double Cream Brie, assorted Nuts, Chips, hummus and pita breads, it’s carb heavy is Friday.  But very tasty.

What a delicious beer, it might looks a little dull in the glass, by which I mean it’s not a bright hazy beer, but a darker mango looking colour. But looks can be deceptive as this is a bit good. Very juicy, lots of flavour, lovely bitterness and a brilliant lingering note. The only other gripe I might have is that the aroma didn’t really rock my boat.

 The pdubyah-o-meter surged  to a from 10. All things considered. This is glorious and you should get amongst it. Very pleasing and pleasant drink, and brought a big smile to the dial.

Would you want to listen along with the background music it’s Death of a Very Good Machine by Eep is what I’m listening too. Their Debut album out now at http://eepshoegaze.bandcamp.com too. An eclectic #shoegaze band from El Paso, Texas



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