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Herevana – Weezledog – Weezle Fog

Weezledog Weezle Fog, a hazy beer, this is the 2nd version of this beer, tweaked and improved.

Weezledog Brewing Company makes the Weezledog Weezle Fog- in 🇳🇿 Auckland, New Zealand, nd of course i’s a IPA – Hazy / New England (NEIPA)  with and ABV of 6.2%, making it 2.4 standard drinks.

Chock full of choice as Kiwi hops, an insane amount of Kiwi hops, this beer is all about the hop haze! Freshly released hop Nectaron dominates with a good dosing of Motueka combining to provide tangerine, lime and lemon for this celebration of Kiwi ingenuity

Weezley Brilliant

There’s a lot going on on the nose in this, and it’s quite uplifting. There’s not quite enough juiciness to offset that bitterness, this is a mild complaint in a beer that it extremely tasty and, like that aroma, has a lot going for it. Like many of the NEIPA beers this isn’t obviously a slightly higher ABV and you could ind yourself 3 or 4 in without much effort, which would be no effort at all, probably be a good night out would that.

Hazy is apt to describe this, hazy is slight cloudy, fuzzy, foggy, compared to some of that orange juice variants, this is a lovely bright orange golden looking beer that is as easy on the eye as it is in the tongue.

The pdubyah-o-meter likes this a high 8 on the random number thing is how much it likes it.

Music, well I follow a umber of people who are keen on Music, so this time I’m randomly listening to Gotham City Express by Gotham City Express on the Spotify player .



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