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Herevana – Bootleg – Trapped In Matangi

A 2nd beer from Bootleg who seem to have made a big distribution push, with is a good thing if you ask me, and this one is in a style that I really like.

Bootleg Brewery Ltd make the Bootleg Trapped In Matangi in the ‘Tron 🇳🇿 Hamilton, New Zealand as a Belgian Ale – Strong Pale  with an ABV of  8.8%, this would be 3.3 standard drinks.

we’re not technically monks but this beer is inspired by the work of holy men. a great looking beer in the glass with all the richness you’d expect.

 Another of the weird pop-top crown capped bottles that makes me smile and confounds me at the same time.


Also making me smile is that I’ve finished with work for the year, and for a couple of weeks I’m my own man of free will and whatever chores MrsPhil gives me.

And yes I’m drinking from a brandy glass, I’m all about whatever rocks me, and currently the brandy glass rocks me.

That’s quire a nice candy yeasty aroma, don’t usually get that candied sugar note in this way, I’m not complaining.

Oh goodness that’s good beer in this style, and I’m not that much a sycophant of this style that they all taste nice, this is nice nice beer, lovely sweetness on a lovely malt base that carries well and sits well all through that profile. Gorgeous.

It also looks lovely that deep dark orange wood colour, which I’m sur someone of words would tell me the something-something tree.

Keeping that 8.6 well hidden this for me is quite the most excellent beer.

The pdubyah-o-meter is easy 9 on this. If you like a Belgian Strong Ale, and like that candied/banana yeast thing and a lovely malt cushion then this is right in your wheelhouse. Sure it’s not perfect, perhaps it needs more malt fullness, but this is most excellent.


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