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It’s not where you’re at it’s where you’re from.

Part of being where you are is knowing where you came from. I’m from a family that has a chequered history, not unusual. and the family tree is a journey, … Continue reading

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January started with a hiss and a roar

It seems that January has  started with a hiss and roar. New Years day morning (just after midnight) the Father taxi to recover Daughter from the Police Station where she is … Continue reading

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Two Funerals and a wondering

To be honest it’s been a few funerals,  but specifically I’m thrown off by axis by one of which was this week, the other from 1988. This week the funeral … Continue reading

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Happy Families, the one with the lost photographs #2

I found some more recent pictures, some of me as a fine young man, and they are presented here for your amusement.

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Those Three Little Words…

Empty Nest Syndrome. MrsPdubyah was moping about the house yesterday ‘unfulfilled’ and generally mooching and moody, #1Son has allegedly left home and MrsPdubyah yesterday used some of my beer tokens … Continue reading

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Unhappy Families – the one with the long lost brother.

From previous posts you might have got the impression that there was a family member shy of a family. The youngest child had mysteriously and inexplicably decided to shy away from contact with … Continue reading

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Unhappy Families – at least you can pick your friends – it continues.

I was all “Woe is me” recently, it’d been about 15 months since the mother died, and coming from a widely dispersed family settling the estate was proving a problem. … Continue reading

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Unhappy Families – at least you can pick your friends.

My mother died just over a year ago March 2011, and despite her age suddenly, and without a will. I’m from what would now be considered a large family of 8 children … Continue reading

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Feeding time at the family zoo

It’s unusual for us as a family not to all eat at the time, particularly for the evening meal. It’s a habit we’ve always endeavored to maintain. Sometimes we may … Continue reading

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Helping them grow up – the frustrating bit

Having two children, one a boy and one a girl. and with them having diametrically opposed dispositions is making for a fractious time. The awkward  bit after teenage and before … Continue reading

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Testing Teeenager Times

There is a line between prevention and obstruction.

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In the land of the lost

Long story long – Close friends of ours have a few domestic issues. These mainly are the youngest daughter – 15 – not getting the direct attention she needs. Lots … Continue reading

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Having one of each, children that is.

Seriously I have one of each. Children that is. In many ways! Eldest is a boy, youngest therefore a girl – not rocket surgery there then Boy is a rather … Continue reading

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