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Beer – #9 in a series – Badger Blandford Flyer

So it’s Back to Dorset then for  a revisit for me, but first time here.

This is a beer that you’d find in some ways similar to the  Boundary road Grizzly beer that I enjoy and comes in a six pack, but it’s slightly up a notch from that, and deserves a bit more credit and stands on it’s own. It does say on the bottle “A bite of Ginger” and it does come with that!

In a 500ML bottle (tha’s near a pint as dammit) and at 5.2 I could easily get myself into a bit of trouble drinking this. It’s gingery (of course) refreshingly like lemonade and a bit toffyish. (you think I made that up, I looked at the label, and it’s true)

I’ve been saving this for a sunny evening, like the one that Auckland has dished itself up tonight, and I’m pleased I did, a very summery experience and one that’ll make another appearance on my next visit to those nice people at the Wine Circle in Huapai 

a solid 9 arbitrary stars out of 10 arbitrary stars on some arbitrary scale of things. Get some you’ll be pleased you did.


4 comments on “Beer – #9 in a series – Badger Blandford Flyer

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