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Beer – #10 in a series – Introducing the Bishops Finger

I look like a bit like someone who’s escaped from somewhere, can’t help that. Tonight it’s the Bishops Finger, a dark Kentish Strong Ale.

The local New World supermarket seems to have cottoned on to the “luxury” end of the imported beer, and have such a wide range and choice that it’s hard to maintain a sense of normal and only spend enough for the night in.

Tonight, then, the Bishops finger, a  5.4% Ale in a handy pint sized bottle. It’s $8.00 a bottle, which is sort of about right price, I guess.

The label describes Toffee and Berries, I just smelt a rich bitter beer smell that so reminds me of English pub ale. It pours well and it drinks just great. You can tell that I’m wearing a real shirt with buttons, it’s a work night, and it may not end well.

On the arbitrary stars-0-meter this would an easy 9 arbitrary stars out of 10 arbitrary stars. It’s good.


2 comments on “Beer – #10 in a series – Introducing the Bishops Finger

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