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Beer – #270 – Coromandel – Good as Gold

The second of the local beers, A local beer to where we are on holiday, is Coromandel Good as Gold,  Brewed by Coromandel Brewing in the style of a  Pilsener and  they do that in Matarangi, Whitianga, New Zealand, but I thought it was Hahei.

Coromandel - Good as Gold“Our kiwi version of a Bohemian style pilsner. Riwaka and Pacifica hops give a delicate flavour and aroma to this classic beer style that is light bodied and easy to drink.”

The 500ml bottle, seems standard, and at 5% ABV means this is just 2 standard drink units,and comes with the tummy friendly 150 calories.

Very muted aroma on opening,as it did with a little hiss.  Of course at the beach you pour this into the general purpose tumbler…

Coromandel - Good as Gold2And it pours a really pale yellow with a decent head, not as strong as the the Easy Rider, but a head! rejoice and take the tumbler home!

There are some hops in there.

Quite raspy and harsh is how I could describe this, which would be par for the course for a Pilsner beer.

There is a a nice feel about this, and I find myself enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would.  I can pick the lovely happiness and it’s carried by some nice sweetness.

It doesn’t finish dry either which is nice.

I am not a fan of Pilsner beer, however when you consider this against other more commercial versions this is a cracker!

The pdubyah-o-meter says to me that this should rate as 8, a very good, beer.  I’m not a fan  of this style but if you are then you should enjoy this. I probably wouldn’t buy it again over other beers, but given a warm day and something nice to accompany this this would be a great summer day beer,


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