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Beer – #313 – Brewdog – Punk IPA 5.6

Brewdog Punk IPA.  I’ve seen this around and abouts and it’s time I tried it.

Brewed by BrewDog in the style of an India Pale Ale (IPA) and they are in Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

330ml bottle of the 5.6% ABV version of this,  and UBU of 45 and calories in at 168, this in NZ is 1.4 standard drink units.

Punk - IPA 5.6Ingredients: Marris Otter Extra Pale Malt; Chinook, Simcoe, Ahtanum, Nelson Sauvin hops. IBUs 45

This fresh, full flavour natural beer is our tribute to the classic IPAs of yester-year. The post modern twist is the addition of amazing fruity hops giving an explosion of tropical fruit flavours and a sharp bitter finish.

Brewdog - Punk IPASweet hoppy atoms on opening. Pours a lot more pale than I excepted for no reason, nice head. Keeps the hop aroma

A full set of flavours on the tongue, nicely bitter, some sweetness and a nice finish.

But then it’s also a little lacking in a strong carry note. I noticed this in the last few beers. There are some strong in front and end notes, but the middle is missing and thin.

You get the intent of the hops in this, they should be dialled up a bit.

The pdubuyah-o-meter weighs in with a 7 arbitrary things on the scale of things. Which isn’t bad in a crowded field of very good beers.

Musically I enjoyed this with Girls Against Boys, this is – In Like Flynn – Amsterdam 2013


India Pale Ale gets its name and unique style from British brewers who were making beer for export to India. This style has an intense hop flavor which was used to preserve the beer for the long voyage. India Pale Ale has a golden to copper color with a medium maltiness and body. The aroma is moderate to very strong. IPAs work especially well at cutting the heat of chili, vindaloo or Sichuan cuisine.

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