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We all follow the Palace, Over land and sea, And Brighton…well not Brighton

In a stunning turn of events the mighty mighty Eagles, Crystal Palace F.C., late of Selhurst Park, London SE25 gained promotion from the Championship league to the Premier League of  English … Continue reading

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The Less of me for April

The less of me for April – A moth where I had to push on 16 Runs 94.14kms in total 5.8kms average per walk-out Fastest 5km improves all the time … Continue reading

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The one with the Fear and the Doubt

Fear and Doubt are two things that are personal to the ‘you’. Today I find myself in a place where I have both, and there are rare periods of time … Continue reading

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Things I wish I’d written #1

I was on the Spotify and I came over all a bit of this and that. And well there are a few things that you need to know and a … Continue reading

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The Less of me for March

March Update : I tried again to get to 100kms, just falling short at the month end where I tailed away on the days I actually got out an did … Continue reading

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A Letter to Murray McCully – he replies

The reply to my original letter is posted here as a PDF MurraryMcCully or as a picture below, This is a response to a letter I wrote to my MP, who had … Continue reading

March 21, 2013 · 4 Comments

The one with and anger monkeys #1

There are a couple of “things” that seems to be lighting up my twitter timeline, newspaper opinion pages, and left and right-wing bloggers. Mostly its anti-government sentiment, anything that the … Continue reading

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Like a blog, photo’s are a bit personal too

I’m not so good at pictures, but I’m not that good at writing either so why should that be stopping me right :-). I often look at pictures and think … Continue reading

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Not a good day to be a minor league tall poppy. #1 in a series.

Today we bring you  Rabon Khan  and  Rachel Smalley (1) Raybon Khan. Who seems to set himself as Mr.People, some brainpower gifted individual who urbane toss-offs speak to and for … Continue reading

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In an instant…

And we accept that without question that we’re giving up something for something. We just don’t seem to care about what it is we’re giving up, which in two words is privacy and ownership. Of our identity and our intellectual property

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I’m sure it’ll be ok.

I lent my dSLR to someone from twitter this week. They were late for the meeting, and haven’t said boo! since. It’s a camera not an heirloom. I’m sure it’ll be ok. … Continue reading

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Foursquare, now there’s a thing, I became the Mayor!

I became mayor of a car park, and a playground. I was mayor of the 3 different versions of the hockey stadium.

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Science Fiction. What’s not to love?

Blogging is a bit of a self discovery, I thought that i’d scratch at things I like. Or precisely a thing I like. Science fiction. Films. There is one film … Continue reading

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Keeping it a secret – part 2

The ‘corporate’ me is involved with a Social Media initiative at work, which I’ve variously described as either being “leading edge” or “mad”, because we seem to be the only … Continue reading

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Blogging in 50 words or less.

Is that a “blog” if it’s just 50 words on something that annoyed me? I thought that it had to be something else, better, more insightful, interactive and meaningful, something … Continue reading

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Twitter in the workplace Pt4

The one where we get Blogged down I am kidding the only thing we’re stuck with is motion towards, that is finding a blogging service that will ultimately suit our … Continue reading

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Twitter in the workplace Pt3

In where we discover that all you need is time. One of the things not mentioned in all the literature is how much time you need to build a following, … Continue reading

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Twitter in the workplace Pt2

The one with a stream and tweeting Armed with a brief to incorporate “Social Networking” into the workplace I’de discovered the addiction of Twitter, Tweetdeck and of following, un-following and … Continue reading

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Twitter in the workplace Pt1

The one with the plan! I have a Pretty easy brief from the boss, “we need twitter in our sales and marketing please do it” So there I was vaguely … Continue reading

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