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Parenting disaster – an ongoing series

Well I have to confess to really making a hash of this one. Daughter has a car with a Mongoose Alarm system and a two button remote. We have two, … Continue reading

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Jolly Hockey Sticks – the College edition

Every year there is a pre-season Inter-College “tournament” at St. Cuthberts College in Remuera. It’s called the Anzac tournament and is by invitation only. As part of promotion the College hosts … Continue reading

April 5, 2012 · 2 Comments

Looking back in anger can make you sick

Which is a bit of a nonsense when you really think about it. What are the statistical odds of you dying in the next 30 years?

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It’s not what they say it’s how you read them – Personalised Plates – The Follow Up

I recently saw a couple of personalised plates on my travel in Albany. https://pdubyah.com/2012/02/16/its-not-what-they-say-its-how-you-read-them-personalised-plates/ These are those; And being the curmudgeon I am I paused to think about the good taste and decency … Continue reading

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It’s official! but Is there a reward or punishment for following or disobeying the Official decree?

I marvel at the use of the word “Official” or even it’s overuse.  Of course I could be being a curmudgeon on this, it happens, or hey , it’s official because I declared … Continue reading

March 23, 2012 · 1 Comment

No Bain – No Gain – Joe Karam claimed a total of $272,822 in legal aid – now wants a share of David Bain’s compo

Beyond the HuttRiver – New Zealand today..: Joe Karam claimed a total of $272,822 in legal aid – now wants a share of David Bain’s compo… I repost this here fully … Continue reading

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Commercial Ventures and the Public purse – #6 – Kiwi FM Radio

Radio Broadcast Studio (Photo credit: Leonardo Rizzi) An ailing radio station given $300,000 a year in government funding to play exclusively Kiwi music will bow to commercial reality today and … Continue reading

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Growing up and letting go – sporting your life vicariously

At 17 it’s come down to a battle of wills. Miss does not want to play club hockey this year. We already agreed that the representative competitions weren’t going to be a feature, it still  seems … Continue reading

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Mojo Mathers – Moments of Madness

Nobody that I know of is denying that Mojo Mathers should be able to participate fully in a role as MP, which means that she has a special and specific need, not currently funded or provided for by Parlimentary Services. To me its not a big deal. There is taxpayer funding provided to all parties for MP support, taxpayer funding that they, the MP’s have variously voted for and increased over the years.

Nobody should compare deafness to mobility disability, wheelchair access is provisioned for and is included in the legal requirements for buildings. Deafness and Wheelchair not the same. Not close.

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Quackery of the first degree

I use twitter a bit, and was followed by a chiropractor, which made me smile a crooked smile.  Lots of “might” and “may” but actually it’s just wriggle your back … Continue reading

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A Commercial venture and the public purse. #4 Bridge sentries cost $80,000

This is just a vile use of mitigate and safety planning in a grand cover-your-arse gesture for some jobsworth in an office. We didn’t have this when we had the America’s cup in town for instance, and that really was a global event.

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A Commercial venture and the public purse. #3

It’s only a bailout if it involves popularist content – It’s funding if you have an obstinate refusal to put on any commercially viable event prefering locally crafted works of dubious merit and popularity.

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Build it and they will come.

Or Not. I’m talking about “Party Central” on the wharves in  Auckland.  A structure designed to hold 12,000 people with an invited audience of the whole city. And what happens when … Continue reading

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Taking one for the team.

the New Zealand position seems to be the most English of all, arrogance in the face of facts that would indicate otherwise that the All Blacks are the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be,

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So I get this new laptop

A work upgrade. The other one I had decided that file corruption was the easiest and lest painful way of departing my desk with some dignity. I’d had it a … Continue reading

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It’s not heroic, it’s just not.

we all have personal heroisms, we’ve all done things that make our hearts beat louder in our head, take for an example (amongst many) of bungy jumping, the most inane of “danger” sports is a personal challenge, a personal heroism, but it’s not heroic

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Inconceivable! Why I should avoid the newspapers.

I shouldn’t read the newspaper, it annoys me. Prisons. “Auckland’s Mt Eden prison operator Serco has been accused of bribing inmates with bigger helpings of food and televisions in their … Continue reading

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Faux outrage, Faux compassion and chipping in!

or slamming and damning, counselling and group grieving and how I learned to react in a group. Led mostly by media snippets and reporting (often poorly repeated, and incomplete, inaccurate and … Continue reading

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Playing with yourself.

I’ve done the mexican wave, I’m the one man Mexican wave world record holder after all

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